Boundary Blade Fence Tester

Boundary Blade Fence Tester

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Product Name Boundary Blade Fence Tester
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Boundary Blade Fence Tester

Award Winning Patented 5 Level Fence Tester & Pocket Knife Agricultural Tool

Quickly check your fence voltage

  • Simply hold the tester against the electric fence and press to activate
  • Quickly, safely and easily shows voltage from low to 8kv (1kv = 1000 volts)
  • Six Bright easy to see LED Indicators
  • No ground cable required


An Essential Pocket Knife

  • The Boundary Blade® can cut through anything you need on the farm!
  • The stainless steel blade also has serrations for cutting extra tough stuff
  • Locking blade so the blade stays open while in use


A useful Bolt turner

  • The Boundary Blade® comes with a handy to have bolt turner built in.


Comes with batteries ready to go


"A must have compact farming tool for your pocket"

Makes the Perfect Gift


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