Anderson Style Plug - 50 Amp Grey 12 Pack

Anderson Style Plug - 50 Amp Grey 12 Pack

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Product Name Anderson Style Plug - 50 Amp Grey 12 Pack
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12 Pack contains: 12 x Grey Connectors with matching key way for Grey & Black Plugs only and 24 x #6 contacts.
These Anderson style plugs offer a genderless connection system, eleminating accidental earthing out or wrong connections. Simply turn the plug upside down and it will fit into any other GREY or BLACK plug.
They provide a simple, low cost solution for power interconnection which has become an industry standard.
Made from durable Polycarbonate, they are as good as quality as the originals and fit other brands of 50 amp plugs.
Dimensions of the plugs are 48mm long, 36mm wide and 16mm high. When mated together they are 81mm long
Can be used on items such as fork lift batteries, backup power, dual battery systems, on your caravan or camper, around the farm, on your 4wd and many many other situations.
* 50 amp* Up to 600 volts DC* Low-detent for low insertion / withdrawal force applications* #6 contacts can be either crimped or soldered* Low cost, high reliability design* Complies with major world wide specifications* The manufacturer has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality assurance system certification. The company's factory is over 25,000 square metres and employes 400 people

Buying Anderson Plugs? Why not complete your job with a professional finish. Purchase a pair of crimpers to neatly and securely crimp the contact onto your wire.

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